A perfect purchase for the health-conscious people out there, KENT Smart Slow Juicer is surely the best way to get daily nutrition of fruits and vegetables with ease. This appliance uses a simple low-speed squeezing that retains maximum fibre, vitamins, and minerals of fruits & vegetables. The process prevents oxidation and provides you with a glass full-off natural and real-tasting juice. Made of quality food grade plastic, the juicer is safer and convenient. Other features like reverse motor action for clearing pulp blockages, 80W motor for better extraction of juice, and compact enough to store easily – makes this Smart Slow Juicer an ideal choice for your daily nutrition.

  • Product Name- KENT SMART Slow Juicer
  • Product Code- 16094
  • Input Power Supply- 220-240V
  • Maximum Power- 80 W
KENT Smart Slow Juicer
KENT Smart Slow Juicer