Presenting KENT’s TrueMix – B for your smart kitchen that is going to make your daily chores a breeze. The machine comes with a 750W motor, while its 3 SS jars with stainless steel blades and spill-proof lids offer the power and performance you were looking for. Its pulse function runs the appliance at maximum speed and short bursts. If your machine runs for a long time, its auto-off feature will cut off the power supply and protect it from overheating.

  • Product Name- KENT TrueMix-B
  • SS Blending Jar- 1.5 L
  • Product Code- 16065
  • Input Power Supply- Single Phase 230 V, AC 50 Hz., Protection Class I, Insulation Class F
  • Total Power Consumption- 750 W
  • Net Weight- 3.90 kg
  • SS Grinding Jar- 1 L
  • SS Chutney Jar- 0.4 L
  • Product Generic Name- Mixer Grinder & Blender

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