LIFELONG Llm126 Electric Portable Face Cleanser And Massager Brush

GRP - ₹500 - ₹1000MRP - ₹1500

Lifelong LLM126 Electric Portable Face Cleanser and Massager Brush with 4 Brush Heads for Deep Cleansing, Scrubbing, Exfoliating, Removing Blackhead and Massaging

Lifelong Face Massager

Lifelong face massager is a 4-in-1 face and body cleansing system, which cleanses skin. The face massager removes oil, dirt and dead cells without irritating the skin. It brings unmatched softness and glow with the help of a cleanser, which effectively clears the dirt inside pores, removes excessive oil and residue of make-up. Lifelong face massager eases the weariness around eyes and gets rid of the under-eye bags as well.

4 Detachable Attachments

  • Gentle facial brush: To remove impurities and cleanse the skin
  • Cosmetic sponge: For massaging and moisturizer application
  • Body buffing brush: It helps to exfoliating of dead skin cells to reveal a roseate, youthful skin
  • Pumice stone: Removing hard skin under foot or elbow

Ergonomic Design and Portable

The Lifelong face massager kit is small enough to take with you to the gym, to work, on vacation or business trips, so you can always be looking and feeling terrific. Face massager has ergonomic styling with anti-skid handles, perfect arc and excellent feel to enables one to hold it firmly.

Moderate Rotational Speed

The default rotational speed of Lifelong’s face massager and its skin cleansing brush comes with optimal setting for the skin-cleansing effect. The massager avoids skin damages and cleanses the skin thoroughly. Characteristically fine and super soft, it is elastic in nature. It is effective at removing the dirt, deep in the pores, clean it of blackheads and clear the acne. Thus, the skin becomes fine, firm and tender, which is why it can be taken care of easily with the Lifelong face massager.

Lifelong face massager comes with facial and body brush has attachments with extremely thin and soft bristles, vibrating 100 times per second for a thorough and deep cleansing of skin. It has a soft sponge brush to massage the face in order to promote blood circulation and beauty absorption.

The body brush and pumice stone swipe the skin clean of dull flakes from face and body, elbows, knees and soles. The brushes are super elastic designed for those with oily skin. The brush can be used to remove make-up and get rid of dead skin. With the help of a cleanser, it effectively deals and adjusts with the PH level of one’s skin and easily gets rid of all blackheads.

The cosmetic sponge brushes are made of natural latex sponge and manufactured with great craftsmanship.

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LIFELONG Llm126 Electric Portable Face Cleanser And Massager Brush
LIFELONG Llm126 Electric Portable Face Cleanser And Massager Brush