LIFELONG Llm360 Foot Massager For Foot Pain, Perfect For Home Use

GRP - ₹4500 - ₹5000MRP - ₹16300

Lifelong LLM360 Foot Massager for Foot Pain, Perfect for Home Use & Pain Relief at Home with 4 Automatic Programs and 3 Custom Massage Modes (1 Year Warranty, Matte Grey)

  • Foot is the most difficult part in the body movement of man, and the foot concentrates organ nerve reflex areas and points, often correct massage will help relieve fatigue, eliminate pain, and achieve health goals. The three-dimensional biomimetic method of massage not only absorbs the essence of traditional massage techniques, but also uses the core content of modern magnetic therapy and foot health. It is a physical therapy based on the meridian theory and modern scientific research, whose base element is a traditional massage.
  • Easy to Use Compact Design
  • Lifelong Foot massager is a convenient, time and money saving, safe and effective product for health care. It's compact and easy to carry. The design makes it perfect for anyone to use it at home or at office. Easily adjustable based on personal likes - speed and steering. It is simple, convenient, reliable and durable.
  • Superior Performance
  • Lifelong Foot Massager is based on traditional medicine, meridian and magnetic science. It is a powerful combination of modern technology with traditional medical evolvement. A combination of all these features ensures you get rid of all stress and fatigue in your feet and body, thus resulting in a superior performance.
  • Customized Operations
  • The Lifelong Foot Massager has been designed in a way that it adjusts itself according to your feet and their acupuncture points, making you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated after the massage. You can choose the acupoints you need to work on based on the requirement of different body parts by selecting from 4 programs - P1, P2, P3 and P4.
  • Focuses on Acupressure Points
  • Lifelong Foot Massager works on the acupressure points in the foot. This action on AcuPuncture points is a treatment for many diseases including headaches, migraine headaches, neck and shoulder acid, stomach pain, fatigue, abnormal blood pressure, constipation, weight loss, detoxification, lack of sleep, insomnia, cold, pressure, dysmenorrheal, menopause syndrome, irregular menstruation, infertility, amongst others.

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LIFELONG Llm360 Foot Massager For Foot Pain, Perfect For Home Use
LIFELONG Llm360 Foot Massager For Foot Pain, Perfect For Home Use