LIFELONG Wireless Llgm36 Powerful Gun Massager With 4 Heads

GRP - ₹2000 - ₹2500MRP - ₹3999

Lifelong Wireless LLGM36 Powerful Gun Massager with 4 heads| Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager for Pain Relief & Recovery, Portable Handheld Electric Fascial Gun Massager (Green)

  • Lifelong Powerful Gun Massager
  • With a compact design, the Lifelong massager is extremely powerful. The massager has multiple vibration modes and 4-speed settings which can completely end your stress and help you get relief from pain. Whether it is post-workout relaxation or after office stress, this massager removes pain effectively from your entire body. Its compact, ergonomically designed body is slip-proof. It has a completely waterproof design, and it is easy to clean. It is safe for sensitive skin and delicate areas of your body. Cordless design allows maximum flexibility for effective message. Easily recharge with USB cable which smartly fits to your mobile or car adapter, laptop, power bank.
  • Comes With 4 Speed Setting Options
  • A diverse array of message patterns ensures complete relief to any aching muscle. Conveniently regulate between 4 vibration speeds for most customized message experience. The product is lightweight and easy to hold, it has a soft bendable silicon head to use on your feet, legs, neck, back and shoulder. It makes you feel comfortable and relaxes sore and tired muscles.
  • With a wide selection of vibration patterns and speeds, you may be rest assured to ease out your muscle pains. Its small handy cordless size makes it most adaptable & the skin friendly waterproof material allows safe usage anytime, anywhere.. The electric massager features a quiet yet powerful motor with prolonged working life, providing superior performance. Plus, its improved lower noise design makes it more comfortable for use.
  • Multiple Colours To Choose From

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LIFELONG Wireless Llgm36 Powerful Gun Massager With 4 Heads
LIFELONG Wireless Llgm36 Powerful Gun Massager With 4 Heads