Product description

Inspired from pure nature and the desire to go retro yet with convenience provided by latest technology, the Elements Go bag is well crafted with great ?nesse, material strength and a sense of balance of smartness & professionalism. Elements Go is made of leather ?nish material for extra durability. The vintage patterns, shapes, colours and ?ne texture are chosen very carefully to give these bags a very unique look and a great functional ease. Stylish and casual enough to carry on campuses or on a shopping trip. Elements Go is highly durable. The top handle and shoulder-strap are very sturdy yet comfortable to hold for long time. Quality of material – leather ?nsih, inner linings, zippers and stitching is superior.

[LOOK SMART & PROFESSIONAL]-It is well crafted with great ?nesse, superior material strength & stitching quality and a sense of balance of smartness & professionalism

[DURABLE & RUGGED]-It is made of high quality faux leather and metallic zip for extra durability. Handles are well-stitched and can take heavy load without fraying or breaking

[SHAPE & COLOUR]-This vintage designed & styled bag will suit your style and needs. It can be carried easily on-board in airplanes

[SUPERIOR CONVENIENCE]- With it's medium size of 52x23x26 cm, easily carry clothes, files, folders, gadgets, powerbanks, safely and use it for daily use or outstation travel

[PERFECT FOR ANY BUSINESS WORK PROFILE]- A Look of Classical an Excellence achiever of Business Meeting, Your Partner in any travels

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