Ruffpad 10 PLUS LCD Digital Drawing Pad will provide an amazing user experience in terms of learning by being reliable, portable and easy rewritable notepad. This writing pad is ideal for sketching, note taking, calligraphy, writing practice, messaging, learning math or setting up reminders. While you can quickly write with the tip of your finger, digital writing pad also comes with an ergonomically designed stylus allowing you do precision work and easy to use tool. Also, the one click erase button helps in deleting the content conveniently in a go. This digital Pad Suitable for writing, drawing, office memo board, fridge message board and as a communication tool. Writing or drawing with the included plastic stylus or any other suitable instrument. No need to find a pen or pencil again. You can erase your image or content with the touch of the Delete button, very Simple. Digital Drawing Pad comes in ultra-thin size and is so lightweight that it can be stored easily in the school bag, a backpack, lady bags or laptop bags, or briefcases and can be used wherever we desire. As no other writing or dusting material is required except a stylus which comes with a stylus holder, therefore, it becomes easy to maintain. Compactness also adds on to its portability and handy nature which relieves you of heavy files and backpacks.

  • Multipurpose LCD Note Pad
  • Content Safety Button
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Eco-Friendly, Paperless Notepad Saves Trees And Environment
  • It Has No Harmful Chemicals Or Metals And Is Very Safe For Kids
  • Super Portable, Ruffpad Can Be Easily Carried Around In Your Planner, Purse, Briefcase Or Backpack
  • 3V Button Battery(Replaceable) Provides Over 20,000 Erase Cycles
PORTRONICS Ruffpad 10 Plus
PORTRONICS Ruffpad 10 Plus