Light and easy to carry and can be recycled. It’s only 4.5mm thin, so you can easily carry it in your schoolbag, office bag etc. Avoid Usage under:

(i) Usage during High and Low temperature

(ii) Strong light

(iii) Water

(iv) contact with sharp objects

(v) contact with sticky surface

(vi) Dropping of the product from height

(vii) Pressure sensitive LCD Screen, No pressure should be applied Also, the product to be cleaned with soft cloth.

PORTRONICS Ruffpad 8.5

  • Pressure-Sensitive Screen Lets You Create Thick And Thin Lines
  • Durable Case And Recessed Screen Are Safe For School, Travel And Home Use

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PORTRONICS Ruffpad 8.5 "
PORTRONICS Ruffpad 8.5 “