Enjoy fast and hassle-free cooking with the Prestige Delight Delight Cute Electric Rice Cooker, 2.8-2 which helps you to master the art of cooking conveniently. With features like cool-touch handles, a closely fitted stainless steel lid, and automatic control, you can enjoy convenient daily cooking amidst your hectic and busy schedule.

Impressive Cool-touch Handles
The Prestige Delight Cute Electric Rice Cooker, 2.8-2, features cool-touch handles that help you carry the cooker conveniently. This way, you can shift the rice cooker from place to place, even when it is hot, without burning your fingers.


Stainless Steel Lid
This rice cooker features a close fit high-density stainless-steel lid which includes a steam vent that lets the steam escape conveniently while cooking.


Extra Cooking Pan
This rice cooker comes with an additional graduated-aluminium cooking pan which efficiently cooks the rice allowing an even heat distribution. Plus, the electric cooker lets you save kitchen space by enabling you to stack the cooking pans conveniently inside the rice cooker.


Automatic Control
You can operate this rice cooker with its control switch lever, which automatically shifts to the “Keep Warm” mode from “Cook” mode once the rice is cooked. The cooker has two indicators, Cook and Warm, which helps you experience the joy of convenient cooking every day.


Portable and Convenient Cooker
Featuring a detachable power cord, you can easily carry this rice cooker anywhere at your convenience. You can carry it along on your family picnics and more, where you can have steaming hot rice whenever you require.


Convenient Scoop Holder
This rice cooker features a groove in the handle, which also works as a scoop holder. You can now place the scoop holder easily with this cooker instead of taking out another plate bowl to hold it.

  • Close Fit Stainless Steel Lid
  • Detachable Power Cord for Portability, Cool Touch Handles
  • Scoop Holder, Keep Warm Mode, 5 Years Warranty on Heating Plate
  • Cooks upto 1.7 kg Rice
  • 2.8 Litres Capacity, 2 Aluminium Cooking Pans.

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