Product Description
A smart and practical pick for your daily cooking tasks, the Prestige Partner 1000 W Food Processor ensures convenience. It lets you effortlessly prepare various food items to make your cooking task easy. Also, this food processor’s powerful motor is fast and effective, which means that it saves your time and effort. Moreover, thanks to its multi-speed control, this appliance allows you to choose the appropriate speed while blending and grinding as per the ingredient.


Powerful Motor
Equipped with a powerful motor, this food processor does a quick and effective job each time. So, you can prepare your ingredients in a short span and reduce your kitchen time.


Multi-speed Control
You can use its speed control option to select the precise speed based on the ingredient that needs to be processed. So, you can slow grind some masalas or quickly blend smoothies as per your requirement.


Additional Accessories
This food processor comes with a 1000 ml grinding jar, a 1500 ml blender jar, a 500 ml chutney jar, a 1000 ml dry grinding jar, a shredder disc, a slicer disc, a chopper blade, a finger chip disc, a citrus juicer attachment, and a kneader blade, which make it convenient for you to chop, blend, grind, and much more.


Stainless Steel Jars
Made of stainless steel, this food processor’s jars are safe and hygienic to use. Also, as they are safe from rust, you can use them for a long time for all your needs.


  • Power Requirement: 230
  • Power Consumption: 1000 W
  • Color: Black and Silver

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