Cook Indian meals easily with the various preset options of the Prestige PIC 6.1 V3 Induction Cooktop. By adjusting power and temperature automatically according to the food being prepared, this induction cooktop delivers efficient performance. In addition, the voltage regulator of this cooktop offers safety against frequent voltage variations. Featuring an auto-whistle counter, this cooktop can sense the state of your pressure cooker and deploy the ‘Keep Warm’ function when required so that your food does not become cold.


  • Whistle Counter Function
    Integrated with a nifty whistle counter, this induction cooktop switches to the ‘Keep Warm’ function based on the activity of the pressure cooker. This ensures that your meals remain warm even when the operation of the pressure cooker is over.


  • Fast Cleaning
    The flat surface of this kitchen appliance enables easy and quick swiping to make it spotless with minimum effort.


  • Convenient Cooking
    This induction cooktop can adjust the power and temperature automatically based on what you are cooking, making it both convenient and efficient.


  • User-friendly Touch Screen System
    Control your cooking process effortlessly, thanks to the built-in touch display of this induction cooktop.


  • Top-notch Performance
    Equipped with an automatic voltage regulator, this induction cooktop is protected against fluctuations of voltage, resulting in long-lasting performance.
  • Type: Induction Cooktop
  • Worktop Material:Glass
  • Power Consumption: 2200 W
  • Color: Black
  • Touch Panel Controls

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