Bring home the Prestige PPBB02 Barbeque Charcoal Grill and host sizzling barbeque parties at your home. Surprise your family and friends with exotic delicacies prepared with this portable grill that is Easy to Assemble and has a Unique Air Damper.

erve and relish mouth-watering chicken kebabs, paneer tikkas, and other barbeque delicacies that are prepared in your kitchen with the Prestige PPBB02 Barbeque Charcoal Grill. This is an Easy-to-assemble kitchen appliance that features a Unique Air Damper to ensure that you can easily simmer, roast, saute, and fry various food items.


Quick to Assemble
You can easily and quickly assemble this Barbeque Charcoal Grill in your kitchen, terrace, balcony, or in the garden area. This is a convenient appliance that is comfortable to use.


Coal-based Cooking
Experience authentic outdoor barbeque flavours with this appliance that requires coal to cook. You can create the aroma and taste of the barbeque cuisine by using any kind of coal in this Prestige Charcoal Grill.


Portable Kitchen Appliance
This is a compact barbeque set that features a foldable leg. You can easily carry it along and assemble in no time. Also, it is an easy-to-clean, user-friendly appliance for your kitchen.


Unique Air Damper
This feature lets you control the airflow and temperature of this appliance. When you close the damper, less airflow causes a mild fire. And when it is opened, a quick hot fire starts. This feature lets you cook tikkas and other dishes with perfect consistency. Also, this appliance comes with a warming rack to keep your cooked food warm and aromatic.

  • Brand : Prestige
  • Model Number : 99552
  • Model Name : Prestige PPBB02 barbeque
  • Type :Charcoal

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