Vaya Tyffyn Flex is an insulated lunch box that can keep a meal hot or cold for up to 5 – 6 hours. A meal of rice, roti and sabji when packed hot in Tyffyn Flex, is going to remain fresh and warm until it is your lunch time, and you are ready to eat. Packing in some cold pasta, salad and a dessert, the insulated lunchbox is going to keep the cold meal cold for up to 5-6 hours! The lunch box also comes with glass-like plastic containers that are made of best-in-class plastic, are BPA-free and microwavable. Tyffyn Flex, with its microwave-safe containers, gives you an option to reheat your food in a microwave oven if required.

Tyffyn Flex, like Vaya Tyffyn, comes in 3 convenient sizes – 1200 ml lunch box with 4 containers, 1000 ml lunchbox with 3 containers and 600 ml lunch box with 2 containers. The 1200 ml lunch box with 4 containers is great for an indulgent meal constituting roti, rice, dal and a sabji. The 1000 ml lunchbox is great for a sumptuous meal consisting of a roti rice and a sabji. The 600 ml tiffin box with 2 containers is perfect for a compact lunch of a rice and sabji or roti and dal.

The tiffin box containers each come with removable partitions, which means that you can choose to carry two dry sabjis or snack in one container.

  • Height - 17 cm
  • Width - 16 cm
  • Depth - 11.4 cm
  • Product Weight - 1.27 Kgs
  • Outer Shell Body: Stainless steel with printed or coated finish
    Base and Handle: FDA-approved BPA-free plastic
    Latches: Stainless Steel
  • Inner Containers Vessel: Food-grade, Tritan Plastic
  • Lid and Finger Grip: FDA-approved BPA-free plastic

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