Vaya lunchbox comes in 3 convenient sizes for differently sized palates. The 600 ml lunch box comes with 2 containers, and is perfect to carry a rice and sabji, pulao and a gravy or roti and a curry. The1000 ml lunch box comes with 3 containers, allowing you to carry a perfect Indian mid-day meal. Sambar rice, a vegetable curry and curd rice or roti, sabji and a pulao. The 1300 ml lunchbox comes with 4 containers, perfect for an indulgent meal. Along with you regular meal of a sabji, roti and rice, you can also carry a dessert in another container.

Every container of Vaya Tyffyn also comes with a removable partition. The partitions come in handy on days you wish to carry more dishes with you for variety.

  • Capacity: 1300 ml
  • Dimensions: 21h X 16w X 11.5d (Cm)
  • Materials
    Outer Shell Body: Stainless steel with copper printed or coated finish.
    Base and Handle: FDA-approved BPA-free plastic,
    Latches: Stainless Steel
  • Inner Containers
    Vessel: Polished stainless steel
    Lid and Finger Grip: FDA-approved BPA-free plastic
    Packaging: Recycled cardboard

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