GRK 208

KENT Vegetable Disinfectant- W/M

GRP - ₹6500 - ₹7000MRP - ₹7000

KENT Vegetable Cleaner, the ideal appliance to clean those market-bought vegetables and fruits that exchanges many hands and encourages cross-contamination. The cleaner uses bio-friendly ozone technology and effectively removes insecticides, pesticides, and chemicals from the surface of your vegetables and fruits. The cleaning process oxidizes residual chemicals from raw meat or seafood and purify them completely in 15-30 minutes.

  • KENT Vegetable Cleaner that fights off the bacteria and viruses of the pandemic and disinfect your fruits and vegetables thoroughly
  • Uses bio-friendly technology for the removal of harmful components from the surface of vegetables and fruits, raw meat and seafood
  • The silicone tube attached to the stone oxidizes residual chemicals very well from the surface of the vegetables and fruits
  • KENT vegetable purifier requires no consumables or installation, thus, doesn’t call for any after – sale services or change of parts
  • After disinfection process is done, the vegetables and fruits should be rinsed with plain water

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KENT Vegetable Disinfectant- W/M
KENT Vegetable Disinfectant- W/M