• [STRONG BODY, LIGHTWEIGHT, LARGE SIZE]-It’s AIRY SHELL design allows for passive airflow and natural cooling as it acts as a heat sink to cool laptop while provides stability to even 18 inches / 25kg beasts
  • [12 ADJUSTABLE VIEWING LEVELS]-Lets you choose from 13-to 18 cm height, easily. The Minimum position raises monitor to 13 cm. and the maximum one at 18 cm. So suit your eye level at the top of laptop edge for better posture
  • [CARRY ANYWHERE EASILY]-This Compact & Portable Laptop Stand with ABS Body weighs only weighs 590 gm. It can be folded down flat to put it in a laptop bag. Take it anywhere your laptop goes
  • [SAFE FOR YOUR VALUABLE LAPTOP]-Its Anti Slip & Scratch Resistant body along with front Notch / Lip that prevents laptop from sliding off stand. EVA buttons protects your notebook while non-slip holder at the bottom gives additional protection
  • [ONE STAND, MULTIPLE USES]-Use it not only a laptop stands but also a tablet or mobile stand or a book stand which accompany you in leisure time
  • 12 Adjustable Viewing Levels
  • Airy Shell Design
  • Compact and Portable
  • ABS Body
  • EVA Button

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