Now, widen your vision with the stunning and spectacular Portronics RuffPad 11.17 cm (4.4 inch) E-Writer which flaunts an amazing display. It comes with an user friendly interface. It has one compartment to hold the stylus and an erase button at the top of device.

Enhances Efficiency

The Portronics RuffPad 11.17 cm (4.4 inch) E-Writer displays your notes until you erase them with the one-touch button that erases the notes instantly. You can write notes, lists and make doodles without using paper or pen. The LCD display size is of 11.17 cm. Comes with pressure-sensitive writing surface. This pressure-sensitive screen lets you create thick and thin lines as you draw or write along the surface of the pad.

Practical Design

The Portronics RuffPad 11.17 cm (4.4 inch) E-Writer comes with the 3 Volt button battery (replaceable) that provides over 50,000 erases cycles. Light and easy to carry and can be recycled. Can communicate with special need people. The screen is secured with a protective frame and the body is constructed of plastic.

  • 11.17 cm (4.4 Inch) LCD Display
  • Pressure-Sensitive Writing Surface
  • 3 Volt Replaceable Button Battery
  • One-Touch Erase Button
  • Comes with Stylus

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