• Try out new recipes with the Prestige PIC 31.0 V4 Induction Cooktop. Thanks to its 2000 W power consumption, this induction cooktop heats up rapidly to let you make a variety of delectable dishes. It is made to block the excessive amount of magnetic radiation so that you can enjoy healthy meals without having to worry about radioactivity and magnetic radiation. Moreover, this induction cooktop’s automatic voltage regulator helps adjust the voltage fluctuations.


  • Enjoy Healthy Meals
    This induction cooktop is built to block excessive magnetic radiation, ensuring that you can cook a healthy meal without the risk of radioactivity or magnetic radiation.


  • Automatic Voltage Regulator
    In order to improve safety, this induction cooktop’s automatic voltage regulator adjusts for variances between high and low voltage. Furthermore, it ensures that the appliance can take the load gradually, optimising performance and reliability.


  • Auto-pressure Cooking Mode Function
    Using this preset feature, this induction cooktop allows you to cook various delectable dishes automatically, such as pulav, sambhar, chicken, and more. In addition, you can multitask while the induction cooktop keeps the timing and heat for the dish that you’re cooking.


  • Indian Menu Options
    With this induction cooktop, you can easily prepare delicious, quick, and easy Indian dishes. Moreover, it enables you to prepare food at the touch of a button, such as chapati, idli, curry, and dosa.


  • Smart Features
    With automatic power and temperature adjustment for a wide range of foods, this induction cooktop is designed for a smart and modern kitchen. Furthermore, its power-saving technology allows for low electricity consumption.


  • Easy to Maintain
    This induction cooktop has smooth exteriors that make cleaning easy by simply wiping it with a dry cloth.


  • Anti-insect Design
    Courtesy of its anti-insect design, this induction cooktop keeps the insects away.


  • Anti-magnetic Wall
    Thanks to its anti-magnetic wall, this induction cooktop ensure uniform heating to provide proper cooking.


  • Power-saving Technology
    With its power-saving technology, this induction cooktop helps bring down your electricity bills.
  • 2000 watts, Auto Pressure Cooking Mode,Anti Insect Design
  • Indian menu option , Anti Magnetic Wall
  • Pre Set Pressure Cooker Menu, Automatic voltage regulator
  • Power saver technology , Made In India
  • Warranty 1 Year

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